Information regarding the war in Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is an act of violence and a humanitarian catastrophe that affects many of our employees and students. Umeå University is closely monitoring the course of events. On this page, you will find information about how the university is affected, what measures are being taken and what support there is for you as an employee.

Support for employees

Employees who need professional counselling or emotional support due to the situation in Ukraine are welcome to contact Occupational health service, Umeå University's occupational health care service.

You can also contact your manager or immediate supervisor for support and advice regarding how you are experiencing the situation and whether it affects your work and your mental health.

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Support for students

The Student Health Service offers offers professional support through individual counselling sessions with students and to advice to support mental well-being and other health concerns.

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Support to Ukrainian citizens with an assignment at Umeå University

Due to the current situation in Ukraine, the university have compiled a brief information aimed to Ukrainian citizens with assignments at Umeå University. Different conditions may apply depending on individual situations. In case of need of assistance, contact the HR-support at your host department.

Support to Ukrainian citizens with an assignment at Umeå University

How can we help refugee researchers?

Umeå University wants to support researchers who are unable to work in their home countries due to the war in Ukraine. Several researchers have already contacted us for help. An effort is now underway to review the ways in which the University can be of assistance.

Updates will be made regularly on this page:
Support for Ukrainian researchers

No employees assigned to wartime posting

Since the University is not a security authority or has a specifically designated responsibility during a state of high alert, we do not have any members of faculty or staff assigned to wartime postings.

Report IT and information security incidents

If you have been subjected to an event that negatively affects your digital information, your IT environment or your user account, it is important that you report it immediately. Report incidents to the University's Incident Response Team (IRT):

More information about IT security incidents

More information about information security

Collaboration agreements with state institutions in Russia and Belarus are suspended immediately

The government has urged Swedish universities to discontinue ongoing collaborations with Russian and Belarusian state institutions and not to start any new collaborations. Umeå University is following this recommendation and has, after a quick review of ongoing student and staff exchange agreements and research projects, identified a handful of collaborations that fall within this definition, and after consultation with the relevant head of department or manager have been immediately halted. Current Russian and Belarusian researchers at Umeå University, as well as other staff and students are not affected by these measures.

Some international collaborations that are existing between individual researchers at Umeå University and researchers in Russia and Belarus will continue as usual. In these collaborations, neither funding nor agreements are conducted with Russian or Belarusian government agencies.

Contact your head of department or manager if you have questions about how these interruptions affect you.

Read more in the news release
Government urge to universities: Cease collaborations with Russia and Belarus

Oversight of suppliers

To date, Umeå University has not identified any procurement agreements with Russian or Belarusian companies.

The University has reviewed its asset management holdings

A review of Umeå University's fund holdings for the university's affiliated foundations showed that just under half a per cent of this capital was invested in Russian and Belarusian companies. The university has decided to immediately sell these holdings and replace them with other funds.


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"Worsening security situation in our vicinity"

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused security concerns of a political scale without parallel since World War II. It is a chocking and sad development with catastrophic consequences to the civilian population in Ukraine.

Emergency information from the Swedish authorities

At you will find gathered information and links from Swedish authorities about what they know at the present time and how you can handle your concerns.

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