Objectives and guidelines for IT security at Umeå University

In the university's IT security plan you can read about the objectives and guidelines for IT security at Umeå University. The IT security plan was adopted by the Vice-Chancellor on 8 February 2011.

You have a responsibility as a user

As a user, you share some of the responsibility for security in relation to data management. Read Security instructions for users to find out what you need to do in order to fulfil the requirements.

Some IT systems need to have their own security instructions. You can use the Security instructions template to help you produce instructions.

Regulations for the use of our IT resources

Before you can use the university's IT services, you must have read and accepted the regulations governing the rights and responsibilities you have as a user of these services. You will normally do this on your appointment when you are given your user identity.

Find out more about the user identity on the IT department website.

Contact the IRT in the event of an incident

The IRT (Incident Response Team) is the part of the university that works to prevent, detect and investigate IT security issues at Umeå University.

Contact the IRT to report all forms of infringement, attempted infringement, unwanted email, Internet misuse, etc. that concerns Umeå University. You can also contact the IRT if you need information or guidance on security issues or system installations.

Liability declaration for system administrators

The vice-chancellor has decided that system administrators, individuals with greater authorisation than ordinary users of IT systems and communications networks, are to be given their powers on the decision of the head of department or manager. If you are a system administrator, you must comply with the rules specified by the IT manager.

The head of department or manager will retain the signed liability declaration – either as a digitally scanned copy or in paper format. A copy of the declaration will be sent to the IT department.

Elin Sköld