Book a taxi

Transfer should be booked through our travel agent, XLNT Travel. Taxi-supplier in Stockholm is still MyCab. Taxi booking in other cities please Contact any taxisupplier. More information below.


Book your transfer at the travel agency XLNT. Telephone nummber 090-15 80 80. The travel agency attach a transfer to your ticket. More information about how to book and prices.

Travel by taxi in Sweden (not Stockholm)

Book your taxi at any supplier. Pay in the car. Below some taxi suppliers.

UÅ City Taxi AB, 090-460 00

Umeå Taxi AB, 090-77 00 00,

Umeå Miljötaxi, 090-12 12 12

Ecotaxi/Björkstaden, 090- 911 911

Umeå Eltaxi, 090- 10 00 00

Umritaxi, 090- 650 00,

Travel by taxi in Stockholm

If you book taxis frequently, we recommend that you register your own user account with MyCab. If you rarely book a taxi, you can use a general account for your department. Ask your department's administrator about the user account.

Register your own account

Register a user account with MyCab. Follow the instructions on the page (only available in Swedish). Please ask your nearest administrator for help if necessary. When you have completed your registration, you will receive confirmation via email.

Book a taxi

Book a taxi via +46 771-555 666 or by logging into (opens in a new window). Remember to have the username and password to your own or your department's account available when logging in to make your booking.


The cost will be billed to the cost centre registered to the account used when the booking was made. You do not need to pay or ask for a receipt in the car. Billing will take place as a periodic collective invoice to each cost centre indicating each respective traveller's name, travel date, departure and destination locations, and price.

The service includes

  • Confirmation via text message or email.
  • A quote of the price in advance.
  • No payments or receipts in the car.
  • Customers decide the time of departure and number of passengers per car.