Frequently asked questions

On this page you will find answers to questions frequently asked, regarding how to book business travel through American Express Global Business Travel (GBT) and the self-booking system Neo.

Booking platforms

What is the "offline" system?

Service team is often referred as offline, opposite to Neo online.

The support on phone and chat, is it in Swedish or English?

Both English and Swedish languages are available in chat.

I cannot find where in the mobile app to enter/scan the QR code?

Please follow guide for GBT Mobile activation:

Are the tickets available in the mobile app?

Your reservation with reservation number is available in GBT Mobile app, ticket number can be found in final confirmation received as email pdf.

Can you share the link to login to the system?

Login to GBT portal and Neo is with SSO, no link needed. SSO is abbreviation for single sign on – one time login to all platforms.

How long does it take that my account on NEO being activated?

Account activation should be finalized in few minutes when your profile has been created. Profile synchronize to service team will take some additional time.

Do you know why it says that access is denied and then the number 403?

Login error 403 indicates that you UmU id is not recognized when accessing GBT portal or that your user is otherwise locked. Please contact or online support for help.


If my name in the passport is Adam Bertil Carlsson and I use the first name Bertil, which name should I use when I book my trips (as my first name)?

First names in profile should be same as in passport. If traveller uses second name, both can be added in first name field in profile. Possible loyalty/subscription cards should be named in same format.

Do we need the full personal number, (the 4 last numbers) or is year, month and date enough for the system?

Birth date is mandatory information, but only date is needed. Birth date is required for all bookings, including train.

What if you do not have a business mobile?

Mobile number is required to ensure airlines can reach out in case of delays or cancellations. Mobile can be corporate or private, GBT will not use numbers for any marketing purposes.

How do I know what my cost reference is?

Correct cost reference can be checked from your manager.

I have two different cost references. Can I fill in both in my profile?

Only one cost reference can be stored in profile, but it is editable when finalizing a reservation.

Where can you enter the project number?

Project number can be added at finalizing state of reservation, together with trip purpose. Both are optional.

Dual citizens, which passport should be used for filling in these forms?

Passport section in profile is optional. If traveller has two passports, both can be added.

Will anything be messed up I have an UmU account as well as for another organization (in the web and in the app)?

We advise to only use email with profile under UmU. If there are additional profiles under other organizations, alternate email is recommended.



The top option, is that always the most recommended for Umeå university or do I have to look for options that are within policy?

In Neo, the search result page is always the Recommended option. Recommendations are based on a combination of criteria established by UmU including duration and stop, price, travel policy and CO2 emissions. There is a label for every option being either "In policy" green tag or "Out of policy" orange tag.

What is the difference between the number of heart-symbols?

In Neo three hearts is the most preferred supplier option by UmU, two hearts second and one heart third to differ these from neutral options (no hearts).

Is it allowed to earn private bonus points from business travel paid by the University?

For personal loyalty program policy please refer to UmU travel policy.

Booking for others

Are we able to book travels for others than ourselves?

It is possible to book for others in Neo. If you need the access to book for others - colleagues or guests - in Neo online, please contact

Does every person have to assign the "travel booker"?

Travel booker delegation is needed if someone else would book for you in Neo online. If traveller is booking by him/herself, delegation is not needed. It can also be added or deleted at any time.

What information is needed about the guest?

Guest profile needs to be updated with same mandatory information as UmU travellers: Full name, email, mobile, date of birth and cost reference used for trip.

When I reserve the trip to another person, is the tickets automatically sent by e-mail to the traveller?

Yes, when booking for another traveller, both booker and traveller will receive confirmation with ticket number.



If we do have a complicated booking that needs to be done by the service team, how do we do that?

Service team will help you via phone, email and chat.
Personal Service:
Phone: +46850252301, select option 2
Chat: via GBT Account portal or Amex GBT Mobile App

Is it possible to add stay in city C between two destinations of A and B?

Complex circle trips are best booked from service team. Simple circle trips can be booked in Neo.

Is it possible to cancel just one part of the booked trip? For example, only the flight to the destination, but keeping everything else?

It is possible to cancel part of reservation, e.g., hotel or car and keep the flights. When cancelling flights, cancellations are made per ticket.

When you book for travel abroad (like US), does the website will tell you which document to have to fill up for the country (e.g., VISA)?

Neo will alert you when traveling to US/Canada. Visa requirements can be checked at

Group travel, how many people and how to book?

Service team will help you with group travel, small groups can be booked there, and bigger groups will be forwarded to Meeting & Events team.

Can I book for me and my colleague at the same time?

Currently it is not possible to book multiple travellers same time in Neo online. Service team can help you with these bookings.

Why does the tool recommend options you cannot travel on in practice, for example the SAS Go Light options where you cannot bring a regular sized cabin baggage?

Neo recommendation is lowest logical option, currently it does not take baggage allowance into consideration.

How do you what kind of bag and what weight is allowed if it only says, "1 bag allowance"?

One bag allowance means one checked-in bag, most common weight limit is 23kg but that can vary per airline.

When I tried to book a flight with Norwegian, I see "0 väska" (0 bags). Does it mean that no baggage is allowed or is it still possible to have a carry-on bag?

Currently all fares include hand luggage, the size and amount of hand luggage varies depending on airline. Norwegian and SAS have changed hand luggage allowance for their lowest fare types 'SAS Go Light' and Norwegian 'Low Fare'. These fares only include an under seat small bag (not the usual cabin bag, which could be stored in the overhead lockers).

Is Jonair, a local airline between Umeå and Östersund available in Neo?

Jonair can be booked in Neo under Flexflight code, but they do not offer all same rates as in their own web pages.

What about booking airport buses?

Flygbusses are available in Neo.

How late can I cancel/reschedule my trip?

Cancellation policies vary per service and fare type. Neo will provide cancellation policy during booking flow for each item booked.


When I search for trips, I do not see a train option. Why is that?

In Neo flights and rail are shown in same search result page and if flights are available rail is usually shown at bottom of page due longer trip duration. Rail can be filtered using Companies or Airport/Stations.

Can we combine flight and train in a trip?

Yes, flight and rail can be combined to same reservation. After first booked flight or rail, additional rail/flight is available from "Add a flight/train" tab bottom of Trip itinerary page.

Why do not all trains from show up in Neo?

All SJ trains should be available in Neo (exc. night trains). If a connection is missing, please contact online support and they will report this.

Can you book train to Europe? Umeå to Amsterdam?

Train availability in Neo includes rail within SJ offering (excluding night trains) and Eurostar network in EMEA. Currently it is not possible to book connections including other rail providers.

Is it possible to book night trains via Neo?

Night trains are not available in Neo. Development is ongoing, but there is not timeline confirmed yet. Service team will assist with night train bookings.

SJ has second class calm. How can I choose this class?

Neo shows the lowest rate first by default. Other rates and classes are available by using "Change fare/class" option after suitable train/flight is chosen. At "Change fare/class" page filtering with Fare gives quick view to available options.

Does the train option include Arlanda Express?

Arlanda Express is available as rail.

Group travel by train?

Service team will support with group travel by train.

Group travel by train, is every profile needed?

For rail group booking service team requires all traveller names. It is GBT best practice to send SMS ticket to each traveler, therefore a mobile number would be required for everyone. If only orderer has a profile, then he/she is charge of sharing travelling details to all others.

I have a personal discount for SJ trains. Will I be able to use this discount for business trips too?

Neo is already set to apply UmU discounted rates, additional discounts are not applicable. Personal loyalty card can though be added to profile.


About the taxi to and from an airport, how do I get the system to pick the pickup up time?

Flygtaxi booking are enabled in Neo. Currently bookings can be made to/from airport or railway station to specific address or Company location in Neo (any addess to any address is not possible).

Flygtaxi bookings can be done either simultaneously in direct conjunction with a flight or train booking, or as a standalone air or train taxi booking.

It is not possible to modify an existing air or rail booking by adding a taxi in that booking. Taxi bookings done in Neo can either be canceled in Neo or by direct contact with Flygtaxi.

It is important to always look at the pick-up time you receive in an SMS from Flygtaxi, as the time may change compared to the time that was shown at the time of booking in Neo.

Taxi is added to booking after flights or rail from Flight/Rail tab using ""Add a taxi"" tab bottom of Trip itinerary page.
Date and time are always added in beginning of taxi booking. At booking finishing stage there will be a new page to add flight/train number if that is not automatically added based on flight/train booked same time.
Flygtaxi will adjust pickup time based on flight/train number and estimated driving time in case pickup time is too late. An earlier time can be added to private taxi if more time requested before departure.

Will the taxi company know if the flight on arrival is late?

Flygtaxi will monitor flight times and adjust pick-up when needed.

How close to departure can I book taxi?

Flyg/traintaxi can be booked 60 min before pickup time.


Is it possible to book a ferry or boat in the NEO?

Boat trips can be booked from service team, connections are not available in Neo.


Car rental - Is there any fee that we would still pay in advance upon arrival? For example, in case of damage.

Car rental company will charge UmU directly when you have booked car from service team and when you have booked Hertz car in Neo. Currently voucher payment is not possible for Sixt and Europcar in Neo and these will be settled onsite using an individual credit card at the time of checkout/departure. In these cases, rental company might require a deposit or make a cushion to your card.

Is it possible to book hotels abroad with UmU's payment card?

Yes, by default all hotels can be paid with evoucher. Sometimes international hotels will not accept evoucher payment. These hotels must be paid by your credit card (ex in Asia, Africa and USA).

If I book a budget airline, will my personal card be charged? What if I am booking for someone else?

Low-cost carrier (LCC) bookings are paid with personal credit card. If LCC would be booked for someone else, either bookers or travelers' card would be required.

Is there a list of the airlines that are charged from your personal card?

There is no list of airlines. Availability varies pending destinations and changes in a fast pace.

Do I need to provide my card number if I book for a guest and it's not LCC?

No, if a regular airline is booked, it will be charged via UmU account.

If I have a project collaborator from other universities, can I book for them, or should they do themselves and ask the travel agency to send the faktura to UmU?

UmU employee can make a booking to guest in service team when UmU is charged for trip.

If I book a trip including a family member included, can you split the cost?

If a family member is accompanying an employee on a business trip paid by UmU, service team can do a booking. Cost of accompanying ticket will be charged from credit card.

Is there any fee for modifying or cancelling the trip?

Yes, there is a service fee for changes and cancellations.

Where can you see the service fee travel agency takes for the booking?

Pdf receipt is sent after ticketing to travellers via email and receipts are also available in portal.


Via the following link you will find instructions relating to the self-booking portal. Among other things, how you:

  • Updating your traveler profile
  • Book a trip door to door
  • Book flights or trains
  • Book hotel and rental car


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