Business travel insurance

The Swedish state provides travel insurance for all state authority employees for business travel both within Sweden and abroad. It also covers those who are carrying out an assignment on behalf of an authority for example postdoctoral fellows on scholarship.

When and where does the insurance apply?

The insurance policy cover applies to all domestic and international business travel on behalf of the State authority. It applies during the entire period of absence from the place of employment or home or other place where the business journey begins or ends. In the event of an international business journey, it also applies during interruptions of travel due to vacations or leaves of absence at a place other than the insured person's regular place of activity. For such a break to be deemed an interruption of business travel and not an independent activity, the break may not exceed a period longer than the period of the business journey otherwise. The break shall not be longer than 14 days. For holidays lasting longer than 14 days, a private insurance policy must be taken out for the entire holiday period. A private insurance is normally a home insurance and an accident insurance. 

The business travel insurance covers:

  • All employees of a state authority who are travelling on government business.
  • Consultants who are carrying out an assignment on behalf of an authority and who are not employed by a consultancy, for example postdoctoral fellows on scholarship.
  • All doctoral students travelling on government business.

Information about the Business Travel Insurance on Kammarkollegiets homepage

Travelling outside EU or non convention countries

When travelling to countries outside the EU or non convention countries, you should bring with you a personal insurance certificate. Contact your HR support.

Travelling within EU countries

When travelling within EU, we recommend that you bring an EU card. You order the card on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's website. The card gives you medical care to the same fees as you pay in Sweden.
Information from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency about EU-card 

Falck Global Assistance
If you are in need of emergency assistance when abroad, for example if you are admitted to the hospital or need home transport, you must contact our assistance company Falck Global Assistance.

They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be reached at the following:

Telephone: +46 8 587 71749

Occupational injury and incident

If you are injured at work or experience that an event is risky it is important that you notify your manager. There are also some other things to consider.

Birgitta Berglund