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The widget from SJ (Swedish Railways) lets you book train tickets with all domestic train companies in Sweden. You can also book travels between Arlanda Airport and Stockholm City with the train company Arlanda Express or the bus company Flygbussarna.

International train journeys

International train journeys cannot be booked in SJ's widget or in the Travel Agency's self-booking portal. Booking of international train journeys takes place through personal service with the Travel Agency either via form or telephone 0771–102020.

Book a train journey in SJ's widget

Start by entering your instructions in the text fields below and click the "Book tickets" button.

After clicking "Book tickets", the SJ booking page will open as a new tab in your web browser. Follow the instructions and select your desired date, time and mode of travel.

After completing your booking you can close the tab and return to Aurora.

In order to make changes to a rebookable ticket that was booked through th SJ e-service, call 0771-757555. Make sure to have your booking reference available.

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Travel Climate Friendly


January to September 2022 we traveled 1,266,179 km with SJ. Which resulted in a total emission of 4.9 kg of CO2.

If we had instead traveled the same distance by car, the emission would have been 111 424 kg of CO2 and by air a whopping 120 287 kg of CO2.

Worth considering when you book your next business trip.

Got questions about your travels?

Contact our travel coordinator for support in the self-booking portal at