Housing for international and visiting staff

The Housing Office can find housing for international and visiting staff, whether they are employed by the university or not. The department or equivalent requests housing through the application form when the need arises.

Does your department need housing for an international research fellow, postdoc, visiting lecturer, research fellow or similar? Read more about the application procedure.

  1. Request housing using the Application form for housing. The application functions as a formal certificate that the person is entitled to receive housing through Umeå University. Please note! It is important to notify the Housing Office if any details in the application should change.
  2. A suggested housing is sent to the housing applicant – i.e. the future tenant. Information is also submitted to the contact person at the department. The housing applicant must reply within three days or else the offer will pass on to the next person in the queue.
  3. If the proposal is accepted, a contract will be sent to the housing applicant who must sign the contract, scan it and send it back to the Housing Office. Information is also sent to the contact person at the department.
  4. After the contract has been returned, an invoice will be sent to the housing applicant by email. Rent must be paid in advance and all relevant details can be found on the invoice.
  5. The housing applicant will be asked when he or she expects to arrive to Umeå and must notify the Housing Office of the day of arrival. The housing applicant will be informed about where and how he or she can get access to the key. Information is also sent to the contact person at the department.

What is the difference between employees and non-employees?

The Housing Office offers sublease contracts to international and visiting staff who have other employments or support other than Umeå University.

For international staff with employment at Umeå University, a first-hand contract is to be set up.

The department or equivalent reports their interest through the Housing Office's application form. This applies both to employees of Umeå University and individuals with other means of support.


The price model is established by the University Director, in accordance with rental laws. Consequently, tenants are to pay a reasonable rent for their housing rented from the Housing Office. The price model means that tenants pay rent plus an additional 15 per cent for furnishings. Beside rent, tenants are responsible for paying their own utility bills and services such as internet, electricity and cleaning upon leaving the accommodation. The Housing Office charges the department in question a fee of SEK 4,000 per contract for helping to solve housing requirements for international staff and guests.

Frida Fjellström