Booking rooms

You book your own rooms using our room booking system TimeEdit. You can contact Infocenter if you need help with booking.


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About 260 classrooms, conference rooms and group study rooms may be booked by Umeå University personnel.

Log in with Umu-id in order to book. The schedules can be viewed without logging in.
Link to the TimeEdit website

In light of the decision to suspend all teaching and education involving physical meetings it has been decided that billing for this semester will be based on the state of bookings on the 17th of March. Please direct any questions to Richard Olsson,

Create course schedules directly in TimeEdit

You can simplify the work of making schedules for your students by using TimeEdit. Read more on the page Användarstöd TimeEdit (only in swedish).

Booking rules

Billing is calculated per full hour begun.

If you cancel later than two days before the booked date, you will be billed for the full amount. For external clients, cancellation must be made no later than five days before the date of the booking.

Premises bookings will be billed to the department/unit. You cannot book premises as a private person.

The booking of group study rooms for students

In connection with their ongoing courses, students who are enrolled or admitted to Umeå University have the opportunity to book a group study room. A maximum of three bookings may be made up to five days in advance. To make a booking, students must login with their Umu ID.

Have you booked a room and need help with the technology?

Notify the Infocenter or Campus Services Office in the building 2 days before you plan to use the room.


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