Rooms for examinations and invigilators are booked with the invigilation service.

These rooms are specially adapted for secure examinations, and all invigilators are trained to ensure that examinations take place in accordance with applicable regulations. The invigilation service also deals with administration relating to your examination and offers one-on-one support for students with special needs.

Booking and forms

All types of booking relating to examinations are made by completing the form and submitting this to tentamensservice@umu.se

Booking examination rooms and invigilators

Transportation of examination documents

Submission and collection of examination documents takes place at the following locations on campus:
Humanisthuset, House Services 08.30–09.00.
Medicincentrum, B41, NUS, by agreement.
Mit-huset, House Services, 09.00–09.30.
Naturvetarhuset, House Services, 09.00–09.30.
Servicecenter Lindellhallen, 08.30–09.00.
Vårdvetarhuset, House Services, 09.00–09.30.

Contact details

Invigilation Service
Östra paviljongen
Ålidbacken 23
+46 (0) 90 786 53 33


Frida Fjellström