Safety and security on campus

If you want to report an incident or get in touch with various security staff members, call the university security team on 090 786 76 00. This number is available 24 hours a day. In case of acute danger or emergency, always call 112.

For example, you can call this number when:

  • you want to get in touch with a security guard
  • you have locked yourself out, forgotten your passcard or keys
  • you discover unauthorised persons on our premises
  • you want to report observations
  • you feel uncomfortable going out to your car in the car park
  • you have information which is important for the university or security staff
  • you want to report faults with the access and intrusion detection system.

Rooms/areas covered by this service have stickers on the entrance doors.

If you would like to report incidents or observations, or if you have any questions or views on safety and security and the matter is not urgent, you can send an e-mail to the Head of Security

In case of acute danger or emergency – call 112 the emergency services! Otherwise call the university's security number: 090 786 76 00

Contact information

Jörgen Sandström
Security coordinator
090-786 65 55

contact information

Lisa Redin
Security coordinator
090-786 68 10

Jörgen Sandström