Internal communication channels

The university has a variety of channels for internal communication and information.

Below is an overview of the main channels used to disseminate information and news within the university. More information about them can be found under more detailed information, Communication.

Aurora intranet

The intranet, where you are currently reading this, contains a collection of university-wide information. This is where you will always find the latest news relevant to you as an employee.

In addition to the intranet, the faculties, several schools and departments have their own "For our employees" websites, and sometimes even their own intranet solutions.

Aktum staff magazine and Aktum online

The university's staff magazine, Aktum, is published four times a year. Aktum is a journalistic product with editorial freedom, which in general should be relevant to all employees. Texts may not be removed or changed by the university management.

Aktum must also be a forum for internal debate. The website was therefore launched in autumn 2012 and it provides the opportunity to comment on articles – and even to write something yourself on any topic. Get in touch with the Aktum editor on


There is a newsletter for managers and assistant managers called Chefsnytt [Manager news]. Editor: Camilla Bergvall,

The newsletter Nyheter för anställda [Employee news] is published once a week and contains internal news. If you have a news item you would like published in Nyheter för anställda, please contact the editor, Camilla Bergvall:


Departments and offices at Umeå University that are on the university's computer network can themselves enter events in their own faculty calendar or Umeå University's calendar by completing an online form. The online form can be found via the My workplace tab in Infoglue, or here: Online form.

For more information about working with the calendar, contact Michael Nordvall:


The University has a number of blogs that are aimed at employees and which are written by other employees at the university. Ledningsbloggen (the Management Blog) and the Forskarbloggen (the Researcher's Blog) are two active blogs.

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