Further information

This information is aimed particularly at administrators in the below listed fields, or those in managerial roles.

These sections of Further information will be moved from this address in the main structure of Aurora to our collaboration sites. The relocation will take place in March. All pages will hence be given new addresses. During a transit period, you will be able to reach the Further information via links on this page or via links on collaboration sites if you are logged into Aurora. In May, this page will be removed, and you will find all Further information in the list of collaboration sites.

The best way of finding them is by "following" the collaboration sites that may interest you straight away. To follow a collaboration site, go to the desired site from the list of collaboration sites. Then press Följ next to the star in the top right corner. Read more about collaboration sites on Hjälp för Aurora (in Swedish).

The fields IT and telephony and Communications have already been moved to collaboration sites while other fields will be moved in March–April.

Why is the information moving?

The relocation of information serves two purposes:

  • Separating content aimed at all employees and content only aimed at specific groups of employees such as for instance teachers, study administrators, communications officers and managers.
  • Simplifying for the specific groups to receive customized news, correct information at the right time, opportunities to share documents and collaborate by using and following collaboration sites.

Even if the purpose of the relocation is to simplify for specific groups, the majority of information will still be accessible for all employees also after the relocation.

Further information

Manager – Chef (Only available in Swedish)
Economy – Ekonomi (Only available in Swedish)
IT and telephony – IT och tele (Only available in Swedish)
Communications – Kommunikation (Only available in Swedish)
Human Resources – Personalfrågor (Only available in Swedish)
Educational administration – Utbildningsadministration (Available in English)

These sections contain information on for instance our IT systems, rules and regulations, and a manual for study administrative systems, copyright usage and financial templates. The pages also contain contact details should you wish to ask questions within the specific fields.

General information concerning all employees can be found under one of the main menu items on Aurora: Education and research, Service and support, Employment, Rules and regulations, and information specifically aimed at international members of staff can be found under New Staff – even if you have worked at Umeå University for a long time.

Communications Office