Virtual meetings and digital collaboration systems

These pages contain information about the tools that you can use to collaborate and have meetings with others within the University as well as with external partners.

Collaborations and communication

Use Teams or SharePoint to collaborate, store and share files with one or more people. In Teams you can also chat and have virtual meetings.


Sharepoint, Microsoft Support

File storage

OneDrive allows you to upload and store your own files and folders.


Skyddade dokument (secure storage space) is a website for storage of information that is rated as protectable data, such as sensitive personal data.

Skyddade dokument

What system or service should I use?

Find out what best suits your needs.

  Teams (O365) Share-Point (O365) OneDrive (O365 Secure
Skype Zoom
I wish to ...            
Store my own files     X      
Store shared files X X   X    
Share files within Umeå University X X X X    
Share files with external partners X X X      
Store files rated as highly protectable data (sensitive personal data, confidential information etc.)       X    
Collaborate with several others at Umeå University X X        
Collaborate with others within and outside Umeå University X X        
Edit files together with others X X X      
Create and distribute work tasks with colleagues X          
Have meetings and communicate            
Communicate and share information with my team through a feed X X        
Chat X       X X
Have virtual meetings X       X X
View presentation/share screen or files            
Make phone calls  X        X  X
Smartphone app  X  X  X    X  X


Process and store information safely

You need to ensure that you are storing and processing your information in the right way and through the right service.

In Office 365, you may not store and process material and information that contains confidential or other sensitive data, for instance information containing sensitive personal data.

Use Secure storage space to store and process information of significant or high protectable value. This could be sensitive personal data, confidential information, sensitive research data or other sensitive information related to the university and its activities.


Log in using your Umu-id and password.

Log in to Office 365


You can send a request to Servicedesk when you need assistance such as

  • Technical support
  • Ordering access to different systems

Phone: +46 90-786 63 00


Manuals and instructions can be found on the website Manual.

Driftinformation – System Reports (Swedish only)

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