Google Apps is being phased out

Umeå University phase out the use of Google Apps until march 31 2022. This means that if you use Google Apps today you have to move all of your material and choose another service for your cooperation, communication and storing of files and material.

The university has decided to phase out Google Apps due to the fact that there is no Personal Data Processing Agreements for Google Apps. The university can't fulfil the General Data Protection Regulation. If you're using Google Apps today you need to choose another service. The University recommend Office 365 as the main service for cooperation, communication and to store and save files. 

How to move from Google Apps

This part describes what you as a user of Google Apps needs to do to move your material from Google to another service.

Before you start your export

  • If you today forward your mail from your Umu-id-mail to your Gmail you have to stop doing that.
  • If you have a lot of material or if you represent a unit that needs help with moving the material you can ask ServiceDesk for help.

Invent and sort your material

Before you move your material, you need to do an inventory to determine what should be deleted or saved and what to do with the material you want to save.

  1. Start by moving all of your private material to a service outside of Umeå University. Private material (that hasn't been created inside the organization) should not be stored in the university's services.
  2. Once you've sorted away your private material you need to do an estimation of the material that's left. Is there any material or files that needs to be archived or saved in a special kind of way? For example, sciencematerial or electronical documents. You also need to do a classification of the information – decide the materials protection value. If your material has a high protection value (example if your material contains sensitive personal information or sensitive science data) you need to choose a service that's suitable for storing this kind om material, for example Protected documents.
  3. Delete the material that you don't need, has a low protection value and has no use for in your work, this makes the export easier and shorter in time.

Recommended methods for the export

Which method that is the most suitable to export your material depends on what kind of material you're storing and how much data you have to export.

Do you have a smaller amount of files stored?

If you have a smaller amount of material the easiest way to export is if you download the material to your own computer, and then upload the material on a new service. You can do this with help of Google Takeout. 
Manual - Google Takeout

Remember that the export can take a few minutes or several days, we recommend you to export your material in good time before Google is phased out. After your done with your information classification you choose a suitable service for your material and how you want to work. 

Do you have a large amount of files stored?

If you have a lot of material you may have to ask ServiceDesk for help with your export. Ask for help in good time before google is phased out, preferable before January. You also need to be able to keep in touch with the entire time the export is done. If you have a large amount of material but you can move it yourself, read this:

  • If you've created files in Googles productapplications like Google Document, Calendar or Presentation we recommend you to use Google TakeOut. 
  • If you've stored files in Google Apps that was not created in one of Google apps, we recommend that you use the program Googe Drive for Desktop.
    Manual - Google Drive for Mac
    Manual - Google Drive for Windows 
  • If you want to move your Gmail to another mail-service you need to contact ServiceDesk. 

Where do i move my material?

Umeå University recommend Office 365 as the main service for cooperating, communication and to store and save files. Read more about virtual meetings and digital collaboration systems here. 

How do I know which app to use in Office 365?

  • Have you used Google Drive? Then you can use OneDrive in Office 365.
  • Have you used Gmail or Google Calendar? You have both mail and calendar in Outlook in Office 365.
  • Have you used Google Documents, Sheets or Slides? Then you can use Word, Excel and PowerPoint in Office 365.
  • Have you used Google Meet, Groups or Hangouts? You have all these functions in Teams in Office 365.
  • Have you used Google Forms or Jamboard? Then you can use Forms and Whiteboard in Office 365.
  • Have you used Google Sites? Then you can use SharePoint in Office 365.


Frequently asked questions about Google Apps

I'm not interested in keeping the material I've stored in Google Apps, do I have to do anything then?

No, then you don't have to do anything.

I want to start a new digital cooperation, which service should I use?

Umeå University recommend you to use Office 365 as the main service for digital meetings and cooperation.

I have a colleague that uses Google Apps but hasn't the ability to export the material, how do we do?

If you have colleagues or employees that hasn't the ability to export the material this should be handled by your institution's routines. Contact ServiceDesk with a request to get access to the colleagues material by telling them the colleagues Umu-id, the chef or the head of the department has to approve the request. The chef needs to decide what to do with the material of colleagues that doesn't work at the university anymore, have died or are sick long-term.

Will it be possible to demand out a copy of my material after Google Apps is phased out?

No. There will be no backup of the material because of the large amount of material that's saved within the university's system. The material that is still on Google Apps after march 31 2022 will be deleted.

How long time will the export take?

There is no guarantees or guidelines for how long the export will take. Start your export in good time to make sure that you have time to export. Depending on how much material you have, it can take either a few minutes or several days.

What happens with my shared documents?

Your shared documents will not follow when you export your files, therefore you need to share them again after the export. You can for example use Sharepoint for all your shared documents. Here is a manual for how you create a team in Teams, and how you share files in Office 365. 

Share files in Office 365. 

Create a team in Teams. 


You can send a request to Servicedesk when you need assistance such as

  • Technical support
  • Ordering access to different systems

Phone: +46 90-786 63 00


Manuals and instructions can be found on the website Manual.

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