Simplify your meetings with digital whiteboards

Whiteboard is a part of Office 365 and a complement to meeting tools such as Teams and Zoom. With Whiteboard, you can create digital whiteboards to simplify your digital collaboration.

Whiteboard is part of Office 365 and is a complement to the university's meeting tools. The application facilitates digital collaborations by making it possible to create digital whiteboards where you can do post-its, write text, draw and mount pictures and documents.

You can use Whiteboard for example to:

  • Workshops
  • Project planning
  • Group discussions

There are currently some limitations for the tool, but Microsoft is constantly working to develop its tools for digital collaborations. For example, you can currently only share whiteboards with employees and students at Umeå University.

Whiteboards different versions

Whiteboard is available in different versions - as a web version available via the, as a desktop app for Windows and as a mobile app for iOS. To be able to use the full functionality of Whiteboard, you should download one of the apps. Note that the functionality differs between web version and app version:

  • In the web version you can draw, write and work with post-its.
  • In the app, in addition to the functions above, you can also assemble documents, images and use ready-made templates. There are templates for problem solving and Kanban (method for organizing your work). You can also open a whiteboard during your Teams meeting to create together during the meeting.

Get started with Whiteboard

To access the web app - log in to Office 365 account using your Umu-id. You will find the Whiteboard in your toolbox at the bottom left.

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Sensitive data and sensitive personal data

Do not publish sensitive data or sensitive personal data

You are not allowed to store sensitive personal data or information that is bound by secrecy in Office 365. For instance, this includes data such as information about a person's health status, protected personal data, tenders and procurements, information about individuals' ethnic origin, political standpoint and sexuality.

Read more about personal data

If you have any questions regarding information security and storage, please contact the IT security function at Servicedesk.


Log in using your Umu-id and password.

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You can send a request to Servicedesk when you need assistance with:

  • Technical support
  • Ordering access to different systems

Phone: +46 90-786 63 00


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