Skype for business is a digital collaboration tool for calls, chats and digital meetings. Skype is available to all employees at Umeå University.

Skype for business is one of the university's tools for making calls and arranging digital meetings. The service is suitable for meetings between employees at Umeå University or with people outside Umeå University who use the same solution. Skype is well suited for presentations within the Office package and for spontaneous meetings. Note that only employees can create meetings in Skype, but to join a meeting you do not need a full version of Skype for Business.

Skype for Business is available for both PC and Mac and can be used in computers, tablets and smart phones. You who do not have your own computer can call via a desk phone.

What you can use Skype for

With Skype for Business, you can:

  • make voice calls
  • make video calls
  • chat
  • arrange digital meetings
  • view documents and presentations.

Getting started with Skype

On the university's website Manual, you will find manuals for how to get started with Skype, for example instructions on how to install Skype and connect to Skype meetings. You can also watch our instructional video below.

instructional film about meetings in skype

Basic functionality for meetings in Skype. Video in Swedish with English subtitles.

Frequently Asked Questions about Skype

How do I prepare for a meeting?

  • Check that your technical equipment is working. For all digital meetings, we recommend that you use a headset with a USB connection and a webcam.
  • Have your material close at hand - for example, if you are going to share a screen and view Powerpoint, film or something else.
  • Choose a quiet environment.
  • Be clear in your instructions to participants about the contents of the meeting and what is expected of them. Prepared participants is a recipe for a successful meeting. For example you can send instructions via email a few days before the meeting.
  • If the meeting is to be recorded - tell the participants.
  • Use a stable internet connection.

How do I book a meeting room with digital meeting equipment?

You can conduct a digital meeting in Skype directly at your desk, but it is also possible to book meeting rooms with screen, sound and camera. You can book a room yourself in our system TimeEdit. Log in with your Umu-id.


You can send a request to Servicedesk when you need assistance such as

  • Technical support
  • Ordering access to different systems

Phone: +46 90-786 63 00


Manuals and instructions can be found on the website Manual.

Driftinformation – System Reports (Swedish only)

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