FAQ Teams telephony

Frequently asked questions about the transition to Teams telephony.

Can I continue to have Skype meetings after my telephony has been moved to Teams?

No, after your telephony has been moved to Teams, you can no longer use Skype. You can have digital meetings via Teams.

What happens to my scheduled Skype meetings after I have been moved to Teams?

If you have scheduled meetings in Skype, these will be converted to Teams meetings. The meeting remains in your calendar, but instead of a meeting in Skype, it will be in Teams.

What happens to my contacts in Skype?

Your saved contacts in Skype will appear under Contacts in the Calls tab in Teams.

The contacts you save in Outlook are also visible in Teams.

What happens to my groups in Skype?

These will also appear under Contacts in the Calls tab in Teams.

I have made special settings in Skype, are these included in Teams?

Yes, we hope that all your settings will carry over to Teams. However, it might be good to double-check how your settings look in Teams, so you're absolutely sure it's working the way you want it to.

Do I have to be logged into Teams now?

Yes, in the same way that you needed to be logged in to Skype, you now need to be logged in to Teams to be reachable and be able to make phone calls yourself.

You can use both Teams as a desktop app or Teams via the web.

Can I call people outside the organization in Teams?

Yes, go to the Calls tab in Teams and enter the external number you want to call.

Can I chat with people outside my organization in Teams?

Yes, when your telephony is moved to Teams, you can chat with external people who use Teams.

Can I make international calls in Teams?

Yes, if you could do it before in Skype, you can now do it in Teams too.

I am also employed at Region Västerbotten and use Teams there as well, how does it affect me?

You must be logged into Umeå University's Teams environment to be reachable on your Umu phone number. If you switch over to Region Västerbottens Teams environment, your phone calls will be connected to voicemail, or wherever you have chosen for it to be connected.

You can also log into Teams via the web to be reachable.

Elin Sköld