Changes when moving telephony to Teams

Here is information about functionality that will be different when we move from telephony in Skype to telephony in Teams.

For all Skype users

Referral codes do not exist in Teams

The referral codes that many used in Skype are not available in Teams. In Teams, use the do not disturb status to direct calls and temporarily turn off notifications.

Instruction: forward calls in Teams

For users with a mobile phone from the university

Parallel ringing disappears

This is how it will work:

Someone is calling your mobile phone number > your mobile phone is ringing

Someone calls your landline number (786) > it rings in Teams*

*You can choose in the settings in Teams that it should also ring your mobile phone when someone calls your landline number. However, it is not possible to choose that when someone calls your mobile phone number, it also calls in Teams.

Voicemail in two places

If someone calls your mobile phone number and leaves a voicemail message, it ends up in Telia's voicemail. If someone calls your landline number and leaves a voicemail message, it ends up in Teams.

Elin Sköld