Freja eID+

Freja eID+ is a government approved digital ID card that you can use on some services and system at the university. The use of Freja eID as method for legitimation opens up the possibility to self-service and means more independence. Freja eID+ will be available December 8th 2021.

What is Freja eID+?

Freja eID+ is a free, government approved digital ID card that helps you login in some system at Umeå university. You can prove your identity in an application on your phone instead of showing a physical legitimation card. 

Freja eID works as a regular ID card. If you want to use the functions of Freja eID at the university's system you need to activate Freja eID+. With Freja eID+ you have the highest security level that's available with Freja eID. It requires a few extra steps in your activation, for example you need to legitimate physically at an ATG-agent.

What can I do with Freja eID+ at Umeå University?

  • Reset your login at multifactor authentication.
  • Reset your Umu-id password.
  • Log in at Skyddade dokument (an alternative for Microsoft authenticator)
  • Activate your Umu-id as an external guest (will also be available for employees and students during 2022).
  • External persons can apply for a guest account.

Earlier you needed to contact Servicedesk to be able to implement these steps, now you're able to do these yourself with the help of Freja eID+. 

How do I activate Freja eID+?

If you want to activate Freja eID, there is a few steps you need to do. First, you need a phone that you can download applications on. You also need an physical ID card or a passport when you register.

Click here to follow the registration step by step to activate Freja eID+. 

If you want to know more about Freja eID+, click here to read Frequently asked questions. 

Maja Wik