Multi-factor authentication (MFA)

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a service that gives you increased protection when logging in to some of the university's systems. With multi-factor authentication, you log in in two steps, which gives you extra layer of protection on top of your Umu-id and password.

With multi-factor authentication (MFA), you get an extra layer of protection on top of your Umu-id and password. With the service you log in to some of the university's systems in two steps:

  1. With your Umu-id and password
  2. Using a code from the Microsoft Authenticator app on your phone or tablet.

Who is the service for?

The service is for employees and affiliates at the university.

Included in the service

The service includes access to the Microsoft Authenticator app and added protection for your information.


The service is financed through the university's common licenses.

How to activate multi-factor authentication

To activate multi-factor authentication, please follow our instructions in the Manual and go through the steps. The process takes about ten minutes. When you enable multi-factor authentication, the system automatically activates it for Office 365.

Activate Multi-factor authentication, Manual

If you want access to a specific service that requires multi-factor authentication, you need to send a ticket to Servicedesk. This applies to, for example, to the service Skyddade document (Protected Documents).

What services requires MFA?

For now it's possible to have MFA on all programs in Office 365 and Protected Documents. But soon MFA will be a standard way to log in on more services than these. 

Facts about the service

To be able to use the service, you need a mobile phone or a tablet that is modern enough that it is possible to install the Microsoft Authenticator app.

Frequently asked questions about multi-factor authentication

How do I log in to my account wit multi-factor authentication?

Please visit the following instructions for help:

Logging in with multi-factor authentication, Manual

How often do i need to log in with MFA?

You don't have to log in with MFA everytime you log in. How often depends on your behavior. If you use Office in your browser you probably have to log in with MFA more often than if you use the app. It can also depend on how often you switch between different network and what the system you use requires. 

What is the benefit of using multi-factor authentication?

The advantage of multi-factor authentication is that your account gets a higher level of security. The extra security makes it more difficult for someone to log in and access your information. This is because the login requires Umu-id and password but also needs access to your mobile phone.

Can I have more than one device that uses multi-factor authentication?

Yes, you can add multi-factor authentication on a new device. If you for example have both a phone and a tablet it's recommended to activate MFA on both units. Because if you lose one unit, you can still log in with the other one. 

Activate multi-factor authentication on another device

Does multi-factor authentication affect which personal data I can process in services that use MFA?

Even if multi-factor authentication means a higher level of security for the information that is processed in the system, you still need to check which types of information may be processed in the system.

You should find information about this on the web page of each IT service. If not, please send a ticket to Servicedesk and we will try to help you.

MFA doesn't work after I changed my phone?

The new unit has to be added as a new unit before you delete the old one. If you've lost you phone there is a possibility to get a one-time password at ServiceDesk that requires a legitimation control. The one-time password works for one hour and gives you the opportunity to add a new unit. See the manual here. 

I forgot my unit at home, can i log in anyway? 

No, then you have to go home and get your MFA unit. There is no way to log in without your unit. Make sure to always have your unit with you. 

Can i use my private phone or tablet as a unit for MFA? 

Yes. There is no recommendation that the unit must be owned by Umeå University. The pros with using your private phone is that you don't need to keep an eye on an extra unit, you probably have your phone with you everywhere you go, and is't easier to reset your MFA if you'd lose it somewhere. You can also gather all you MFA log-ins on the same place. 

I don't have a mobile phone, how do i order a hardware token?

Contact ServiceDesk to order a TOTP hardware token. 

I don't have a work phone. 

If you want, it's totally okay to use a private phone. But is't also possible to order a hardware token from ServiceDesk. 


You can send a request to Servicedesk when you need assistance with:

  • Technical support
  • Ordering access to different systems

Phone: +46 90-786 63 00


Manuals and instructions can be found on the website Manual.

Operation information (Swedish only)

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