Hybrid meetings - meetings with both physical and digital attendants

A hybrid meeting is a meeting with both physical and digital attendants, where some of them are in a physical room and the others join the meeting virtually. Here you’ll find more information about how to succeed with this type of meeting.

The conditions may look a bit different at a hybrid meeting for both the organizer and the attendants than if everyone participate in the same way. To get you started we gathered some advice and recommendations on how to plan and succeed a hybrid meeting.

Different kinds of hybrid meetings

Work meeting 

A meeting, project meeting, board meeting or other meeting where some participants are in a physical room and other connect via a digital meeting service.


For teaching purposes where the teacher is in a physical room together with a number of student and other students connect via a digital meeting service.

Read more about hybrid teaching in Zoom here. 

Defences of doctoral theses 

A defence of doctoral theses where some of the examining committee, opponents, respondents and / or supervisor are in a physical room and where others connect via a digital meeting service.

How to succeed with hybrid meetings

1. Preparations for hybrid meetings

A hybrid meeting takes more preparations than both a physical meeting and a digital meeting. Remember to include the goal and purpose with the meeting and to have a distinct agenda so the attendants can prepare.

  • Book a digital meeting and send the link to the ones that's going to participate.
  • Book a physical meeting room and invent the digital technique in the room. Do you need help? Ask Infocenter or University service at least two days ahead before the meeting.
  • Be in the room in advance, get ready, connect and start the meeting equipment.
  • Test the technique before the meeting. If the room doesn't have a camera you can book one at University service.
  • Make sure the microphone and speaker work. If everyone should have the ability to talk during the meeting you can use a Jabra puck.

2. Sound and audio

  • All of the attendants should be able to see and hear everyone. Make sure that's the case before you start the meeting.
  • The ones not speaking should be muted.
  • If the meeting consist of breakout-rooms the ones on the physical meeting need their own computer and headset. You also need an extra room to avoid disturbing each other.

3. To think about during the meeting

  • It's important to have a distinct agenda and a meeting leader who can control the meeting.
  • If you want to share a presentation you do it best via the digital meeting (Share screen). Under the presentation, the meeting attendants can't see each other.
  • Everyone, regardless if they participate physically or digitally, needs to have their own computer so that everyone can participate if your using a digital whiteboard or breakout-rooms.
  • Keep an eye on the chat or reactions to avoid missing questions from the ones participate digitally. If you want, you can choose one attendant to do this.

4. Create involvement and commitment with digital activities

  • You can create and implement votes or questions under the meeting. If your using Teams you can create votes and forms in Forms both before and under the meeting.
  • Divide the group into smaller groups with breakout-rooms. In this way the participants can discuss non-depending if they're in the physical room or not. Just remember to tell everyone to bring a headset.
  • Tell everyone to use reactions like a hand raise or applause to get feedback instantly.
  • Use a digital whiteboard to create digital post-it notes.

5. If you want to record the meeting

First of all, you need to have everyone's approval to record the meeting. If you're using Teams everything will be saved in the university's cloud services.

6. More tips for succeeded hybrid meetings

  • Challenge yourself and only invite those who really needs to participate.That makes it easier to keep focus. A tip is to write or record a shorter summary of the meeting and share to the ones who may be interested.
  • If the technique in the room seems inadequate and makes it hard to create a good environment it can be better for everyone to participate digitally instead.
  • It's important to reflect and think about everyone's differences under the meeting. It's your role as a meeting leader to make sure that everyone feels included. Make sure that the ones participating physically remember that there are people participating digitally as well. And also make sure that the normally quiet ones get to talk, and that the ones usually talk doesn't takes the control.

Book a room that's equipped for digital meetings

Zoomrooms are physical rooms equipped with technique that makes it possible with hybrid meetings. The room has a control panel, a big screen and speakers. You can choose to either use the rooms own meeting-ID or invite the room to your own zoom-meeting.

Book at zoom room in Timeedit. 

Maja Wik