Your toolbox in Microsoft 365

All members of staff have access to Microsoft 365. These pages contain information on how to use the various applications in Microsoft 365.



Microsoft 365 contains several applications that can be used to save and store files, process documents, communicate and collaborate with colleagues within and outside of the University.

The apps are always available when and where you need them - on the web, on your computer and on your mobile.

Upload and store your files in OneDrive

OneDrive allows you to upload and store your own files and folders. 1 TB of personal storage is included.

Learn more about OneDrive

Collaborate with your groups in Teams

Teams is a social collaboration tool in Microsoft 365 that groups can use to get organised, chat and collaborate in various forms.

A group can be an entire department or office, a project group or simply a set of people sharing the same job tasks and have the need to collaborate.

Learn more about Teams

Create a website in Sharepoint

  • Create, store and share content online
  • Build web pages, document folders and lists to share information with others
  • Create feeds such as orders or applications
  • Create a joint calendar for the group/office

Learn more about Sharepoint, Microsoft Support

Work together on digital whiteboards

Whiteboard is a complement to the university's tools for digital meetings. The application facilitates digital collaborations as it makes it possible to create digital whiteboards where you can do post-its, write text, draw and mount pictures and documents. You can use it for example in:

  • Workshops
  • Project planning
  • Group discussions

Learn more about Whiteboard

Word, Excel and Powerpoint

Microsoft 365 also includes the traditional office suite containing Word, Excel and PowerPoint. The applications are linked to your account, not to your device, which means that you can use the applications from any device you like, wherever you are.

Create surveys and collect feedback with Forms

With Forms you can collect feedback, plan activities, create quizzes or tests for teachers, students and employees. It is also possible to invite people outside the organization to respond via any browser and mobile devices. You evaluate the answers in real time with Form's analysis tool. The information can be exported to Excel.

Read more about Forms

Organize and track information with Lists

Lists is an app for tracking information and organizing your work.

In Lists, you can view lists and interact with data based on you and your team's needs. You can view information in a table or track work in a calendar. You can also create rules, for example to create notification of changes in your lists.

Read more about Lists at Microsoft

Structure and follow up tasks in Planner

In Planner, you and your work group can keep track of your tasks. For example, you can assign and categorize tasks, as well as set start and end dates. Diagrams provide a simple overview of the status of your tasks and you can more easily keep track of what needs to be done.

Gather your notes in Onenote

Onenote is a digital notebook where you can write, collect and search notes. You can create your own notebooks for your own notes but also have common notebooks together in a workgroup.

Plan and schedule bookings in Booking

Bookings is a digital booking tool for planning and scheduling both digital and physical meetings via Teams.

  • Create booking calendars for your business.
  • Schedule different types of bookable times and meetings, both physical and digital.
  • Bookings is integrated with Outlook.
  • Meeting participants can participate digitally via web browser or Teams and do not need a Teams account.

Read more about Bookings at Microsoft

Create tasks with To Do

  • Create to do lists to plan and structure your tasks.
  • Share your lists with colleagues.
  • To Do is integrated with Outlook tasks, which makes it easier to manage all work tasks in one place.
  • You can manage your flagged emails in Outlook so that they appear as tasks in To Do.

Read more about ToDo at Microsoft

More applications in Microsoft 365

Planner allows you to structure and distribute work tasks. OneNote is a digital notebook in which you can write and collect all your notes.

When you log in to Microsoft 365, you will also find other applications available. You are unlikely to use most of these applications, but it can be of use to know that they are there.

If you want to learn more about everything Microsoft 365 has to offer, please go to Microsoft Support.

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Learn more about Microsoft 365 with the user forum.

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You will find instructions about how to use Microsoft 365 on the university's website Manual.

Microsoft 365, Manual

Microsoft offers lots of self-help user support online. At the bottom of the support page, you can choose between a long list of languages.

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