SharePoint is a tool for collaborations that groups can use as a common file storage and to share and co-edit files with each other. The big difference between Teams and SharePoint is that SharePoint doesn’t have the ability for the social parts like chatting or video calls.

In SharePoint you can: 

  • Share and co-edit files with your colleagues
  • Share information and news within your group
  • Have a notebook for all of your notes
  • Use a common Outlook for email and calendar

Who can use SharePoint?

SharePoint is available for all employees and students at Umeå University.

What does it cost?

The service is included in Microsoft 365 and is funded by institution-wide means.

How do I get SharePoint?

Follow these steps to download SharePoint to your device.

  1. Go to and log in with your Umu-id (
  2. Search for SharePoint in the panel to the left. If you can't find it there, click in the lower left corner to see all applications.
  3. Click on SharePoint.
  4. Done! Now you have SharePoint.

Get started with SharePoint

Create a website with your group

Before you and your group start your collaboration and share files you need to create a group-website. Observe, if you have a Team in Teams, you already have a group-website in SharePoint. You can also create a team to your existing group-website in SharePoint. 

Structure your files in SharePoint

Tip! Start making maps to sort and structure your files as soon as you create the website. In this case it will be much easier for your colleagues to find everything and you avoid making a mess.

Personal data and sensitive personal data

Don't save or store sensitive personal data or classified information in Office 365. 

You are not allowed to store sensitive personal data or information that is bound by secrecy in Microsoft 365. For instance, this includes data such as information about a person's health status, protected personal data, tenders and procurements, information about individuals' ethnic origin, political standpoint and sexuality.

Don't store science research with high protection value

You can't store or save your science material in Microsoft 365 if it has a high protection value. If you have files with high protection value, the University offers a service called Secure storage space.

Start by making an information classification before you decide where you want to store your science research.

Read more about information security here. 

Read more about Secure storage space here. 

Do you have questions about information safety or storage? Contact ITS IT-safety or ServiceDesk.

Sofia Westerlund