Whiteboards, Office 365

Whiteboard is an infinitive service for effective meetings and engaging learning. You can use Whiteboard to cooperate with others or to use for activities like brainstorming, planning, education and workshops.

Whiteboard is a free application in Office 365 that can be used as an app on your phone, in your browser or integrated in a Teams-meeting. Whiteboard makes cooperating easy because you can create digital whiteboards and work more creative. You can for example use Whiteboard for:

  • Have more effective meetings
  • Brainstorming for yourself or with your colleagues or students
  • Digital education or tuition
  • Project management
  • Workshops, seminar and laboratory

For now, there are some limitations with Whiteboard as at tool. You can for example only share whiteboards with employees and students at Umeå University.

How do I get access to Whiteboard?

1. Go to o365.umu.se and login with your Umu-id.
2. Look for Whiteboard in the menu to the left. If you can't find it, click in the lower left menu to see all applications.
3. Click on Whiteboard.
4. Now you have access!

Here is a manual for how to get started with all settings and functions in Whiteboard. 

Do you have any questions about Whiteboard?

Click here to see Frequently asked questions.

Sensitive data and sensitive personal data

Do not publish sensitive data or sensitive personal data

You are not allowed to store sensitive personal data or information that is bound by secrecy in Office 365. For instance, this includes data such as information about a person's health status, protected personal data, tenders and procurements, information about individuals' ethnic origin, political standpoint and sexuality.

Read more about personal data

If you have any questions regarding information security and storage, please contact the IT security function at Servicedesk.

LOG IN TO Microsoft 365

Log in using your Umu-id and password.

Log in to Microsoft 365


Contact Servicedesk when you need assistance such as technical support or to request access to a system.

Servicedesk contact form
Phone: +46 90-786 63 00


Manuals and instructions can be found on the website Manual.

System reports – Driftinformation (Swedish only)

Provides information on system disruptions and planned updates.


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