Skype for Business - software for communication and cooperation

Here you can read about Skype for Business – the university's new, modern exchange.

Skype for Business gives you access to several different services, such as

  • voice calls
  • video calls
  • online chat
  • the ability to view documents and presentations.

If you have previously used Skype, Skype for Business will feel familiar to you.

Skype for Businessis available for both PC and Mac

Skype for Business is available for both PC and Mac and can be used on computers, tablets and smartphones. If you do not have your own computer, you can call using our special Skype for Business telephones. Skype for Business allows you to choose whether to make calls using the telephone network or via the Internet, depending on what works best, is most secure or is financially most beneficial in each situation.

Attend Skype for Business training

We recommend that you attend Skype for Business training before you start using Skype for Business. This will help you become familiar with all the settings and you can learn how to make best use of all the services.

Talk to your IT contact for more information

The IT contact person at your department or office has operational responsibility for planning, preparing, and in some cases carrying out installations, orders and training. Supplementary services will be introduced during 2014 for those who currently do not have a telephone extension.

Arne Vedefors