Skype meeting

Skype for business is a communication tool for calls, chats and virtual meetings. Skype is available to all employees at Umeå University.

Only employees can set up meetings, to join, participants need a link to the meeting or a calendar booking. Participants connecting via link do not need a full version of Skype for business.

Skype is suitable for meetings between employees at Umeå University or with people outside of Umeå University who use the same software solution. Skype is well-suited to presentations using the Office suite and for spontaneous meetings.

instructional film about meetings in skype

Basic functionality for meetings in Skype. Video in Swedish with English subtitles.

Instructions – how to get started

The best way to book a meeting is through an add-on in Outlook.

Instruktion skapa skype-möte i outlook


Manuals are available on:
More information about Skype as a call service is available here:

Recommendations to host a successful Skype meeting

• Make sure you are as prepared as possible before the meeting. Have all material ready. Are you sharing a screen? Have a PowerPoint, video or web page ready.
• Are you meeting with participants around the world? Consider what time it is at their end when choosing the time of the meeting.
• Be clear when instructing the participants/students about what will take place during the meeting and what is expected of them. Having participants who are prepared is the key to a successful meeting. Send the instructions via email a couple of days before the meeting and/or with links to online guides.
• Is the meeting/seminar being recorded? Notify the participants of this before the meeting and remind them again when the meeting starts.
• As for all digital meetings, using a headset with a USB connection and a web camera is recommended.
• Use a stable internet connection (preferably a LAN cable instead of WiFi). Remind your participants of this in advance.
• Choose a quiet environment.

Do you need to book a room?

You can hold a digital meeting through Skype at your own desk, but you can also book a room with a screen, sound and camera. Book a room through our booking system TimeEdit. Log in using your Umu-id.

Frida Fjellström