Video conferencing

Video conferencing can be used at lectures, meetings or seminars and can be recorded to be used at a later date.

How do I book a video conferencing room?

At Umeå University, there are around ten bookable rooms with built-in video conferencing systems (StarLeaf). The service is booked via Infocenter, a technician is always included.

There are also video conferencing rooms at Campus Örnsköldsvik. Contact Lena Johansson for booking and support +46 660-29 25 00,

Price list for premises can be found on the pags Booking rooms.

Instructions – how to get started

Book your video conference via Infocenter at least seven days before your meeting. Once the booking has been completed, you will receive a connection link via email that you must forward to the other participants. Come to the meeting on time to get help and instructions from the technician who will start the video conference.

Recommendations for a successful video conference

  • Get to know the video conferencing system before holding your conference. The support team is happy to show you how everything works if you arrive in time.
  • If you choose to use your own laptop, please make sure you have the right adapter.
  • Repeat all questions from the audience.
  • Stay inside the frame of the camera so everyone wants to see.
  • Remind the audience to use microphones (and mute if necessary)
  • Make sure everyone has access to the material and that it works in the room in question.
  • Make sure that everyone connected online can hear you before you start.
  • Respect all online participants and make sure that there is time for questions before ending the video conference.

Would you like to record or stream a video conference live?

The opportunity for streaming (broadcasting live) and recording a conference is available in some of the rooms. This comes at an additional cost. Please specify when booking if you intend to stream or record your meeting.

Frida Fjellström