Posters and large format printing

We offer printing of scientific posters and other large format printing on three different materials: paper, laminated paper and cloth (canvas).

A quick check of the logo and image quality is always included.


Send us your poster as a PDF in the dimensions intended for print. We do not accept Powerpoints. If you were to send us a Powerpoint file anyway, you must be prepared to approve a PDF proof by email before we start printing.

Design assistance

If you would like assistance with the design of your poster, Inhousebyrån can help you.


The university supplies poster templates for Powerpoint. You can find templates for the most common sizes via the link below. If you cannot find a template in the size you want, you can contact us by email ( and we will order a new template for you.

Poster templates


The time required for delivery depends on the material.

Paper: 2 working days
Laminated paper: 3 working days
Cloth (canvas): 3 working days

These delivery times are based on the poster being collected at Infocenter. It is possible to deliver both inside and outside the university. Cost for packagning and freight will be added to your order. You will need to add one extra working day for delivery within the university and 2-3 days to external addresses.

To the ordering form (Swedish only)

You can also send in your order by email to Please specify poster material, poster dimensions, invoice information and delivery date when emailing your order.

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