Order proofreading of English texts

This page provides support on how to purchase proofreading services for texts written in English from Umeå University’s framework agreement.

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Before ordering

Before you go through with the order, it is important that you read the below information about personal data and confidentiality, and that you consider if your text contains any personal data or confidential data.

Personal data in texts to be proofread

As a general rule, texts sent for proofreading to an external supplier should not contain personal data. The best solution is to remove any personal data before the supplier accesses the text. In that case, you can choose any of the listed suppliers.

Umeå University has signed a personal data processing agreement for the processing of some regular personal data.

If your text contains any of the personal data listed below in plain text, you may only choose among the suppliers marked as approved for personal data processing, i.e. "Personal data: Approved". Suppliers' status only depends on their country of operations, not any quality factors. To use any of the other suppliers, you must first remove all personal data from your text.

  • Name
  • Age
  • Birth date
  • Sex
  • Home address
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • File name
  • Photos

Texts to be sent for proofreading may not contain other personal data than those listed above, sensitive personal data or personal data meriting special protection without signing a further personal data processing agreement.

If you need to order proofreading of a text containing personal data other than those listed above, you must contact the University's legal officers through pulo@umu.se to sign a personal data processing agreement with the supplier. Since such an agreement must be signed by the University Director, it is advisable to take contact in ample time before the proofreading service is needed.

Confidential data in texts to be proofread

As a general rule, texts sent for proofreading to an external supplier should not contain confidential data. The best solution is to remove any such data before the supplier accesses the text. In that case, you can choose any of the listed suppliers.

If your text contains confidential data that cannot be removed, only Swedish suppliers with proofreaders based in Sweden can be chosen. These suppliers are marked with an approval for confidentiality processing in the list, i.e. "Confidentiality: Approved". Suppliers' status only depends on their country of operations, not any quality factors. If there is no available supplier that has been approved, please contact the University's legal officers through pulo@umu.se.

How to order

  1. Choose in which of six subfields your text is best suited. A list of the available subfields can be found further down.
  2. Choose one of the proofreaders listed under the subfield of your choice. You can choose proofreader based on:
    • the proofreader's suitability for the specific assignment;
    • your previous experience of the proofreader or the supplier;
    • delivery time; or
    • price.
  3. Fill out the Order form for proofreading. Describe the assignment to the supplier. State, for instance, language variant, level of proofreading/editing, desired delivery date and chosen proofreader.
  4. Send the order form via email together with the file/s for proofreading to the supplier you have chosen. The contact details are found in the list below. Remember to always order proofreading via the supplier, not directly via the proofreader.

Subfields and suppliers

Log in to read what subfields and suppliers are included in the framework agreement. Login can be found in the top right corner of this window.

Levels of proofreading

Proofreading is offered on three levels. The hourly price is the same for all levels., but a more careful editing takes longer. Specify in the order form which level of proofreading you request.

Level 1: Basic proofreading

Level 1 includes checks of:

  • spelling;
  • conjugation;
  • grammar;
  • punctuation; and
  • sentence structure such as misplaced modifiers or similar.

Level 2: Language review

Beside basic proofreading (level 1), language review on level 2 also includes adapting the text to the target audience and the purpose of the text, which includes checking that:

  • sentence structure is clear and flows;
  • choice of word is suitable for the target audience;
  • style and tone are suitable; and
  • coherence and connectivity of phrases are clear.

Level 3: Basic editing

Beside what is included in levels 1 and 2, basic editing on level 3 also includes checking that:

  • the structure is useable, logical and clear to the reader;
  • headings are informative and coherent;
  • the disposition and headings are adapted;
  • openings form good introductions to sections; and
  • the summary clearly contributes to the purpose of the text.


Suppliers' commitment and delivery times

When you have submitted your order, you must receive a proof of receipt from the supplier via email without delay. This may be an automatic response. This is, however, not the same as an order confirmation.

The supplier has 24 hours to confirm the order. The suppliers are accessible between 08:00–16:30 (CET) on normal weekdays.

Delivery time for proofreading

There are no set delivery times for proofreading services. Come to an agreement with the supplier about delivery date when ordering. State in the order form for proofreading services what your desired delivery date is.

Suppliers do not receive compensation for express delivery, and may hence decline express jobs.

If you wish to choose supplier based on their delivery time, you may submit the same request to several suppliers from the relevant subfield at the same time. If you do so, be sure to let the suppliers know that several suppliers have received the same request, whether you will wait for everyone to reply or go with the first available supplier. Make sure to notify all suppliers whether they got the assignment or not.

Contact or complaints

If you are dissatisfied with a delivery, please notify the supplier and report to the Procurement and Purchase Office through upp.adm@umu.se. You can also turn there if you have other questions about the framework agreement.

More information

Read the framework agreement if you want more detailed information. The agreement itself is only available in Swedish. If you require more detailed information or support in English, please contact upp.adm@umu.se.

Useful dictionaries

English and Swedish style guides

Use Umeå University's style guides as support when writing in Swedish or English.

English style guide

Swedish style guide

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