How the Aurora website for staff works

Aurora is Umeå University’s website for staff. It contains information, service and support for the university’s staff. This page presents how Aurora is structured and how to use the website.

Choose your startpage

When you access Aurora for the first time, you are urged to choose what part of the organisation you belong to. This also controls what startpage content you see. Institution-wide content that affects everyone at the university is shown to all employees, regardless of which faculty or equivalent you choose to view.

You can easily change your startpage by clicking "Content filtered for" in the page header.

Each faculty or equivalent has an adapted startpage containing:

  • a news feed
  • links to faculty pages
  • feeds with funding calls and/or Vice-Chancellor's decisions.

In the footer of the page, you can find support information, search functionality, about the website, as well as contact and invoice details.

Find content with the search function

You search on the website via the hourglass in the page header. When you search for Aurora, results from the external website are also included in the search result.

You can filter the search result to simplify finding what you are looking for, where one filter only show content that is available on Aurora.

Contact information Communications Office

Communications Office
SE-901 87 Umeå

Phone: +46 90 786 50 70

Visiting address:
University Management Building (Universitetsledningshuset), Level 4
Universitetstorget 4

Head of Communications:
Gunilla Stendahl
Phone: +46 90-786 51 82
Mobile: +46 72-500 79 74

Erik Vesterberg