Nominations to the Elector Assembly

All employees can now nominate candidates to the Elector Assembly and their deputy members. Last date for nomination is 11 June 2018.

Faculty of Medicine shall appoint 14 candidates as ordinary members and 5 candidates as deputy members to the Umeå University's Elector Assembly, for the period of 2018-07-01 – 2022-06-30.


Eligible nominees are those that are deemed as scientifically competent teachers; that in this context refers to Professors, Associate Professors and other teachers with doctoral degrees, with tenured position at the University. There shall be an equal balance of gender within the proposed nominations.


  • 18 Maj – Dean decides on the schedule and the protocol for nominations.
  • 28 May – 11 June – Open nomination of candidates via an online form, after the respective Heads of Departments are informed via the faculty newsletter as well as via Aurora.
  • 11 June – Information at the faculty meeting
  • 12 June – Deans Office collects and compiles all the nominations and ensures that the nominations fulfill the criteria. Non-eligible candidates are excluded. The list is then sent to Faculty management.
  • 13 June – Consultation with the Faculty Board (Focus on the appointment principles)
  • 14 June – Consultation with Heads of Departments (Focus on the appointment principles)
  • 15 June – Discussion in the faculty board
  • 17 June – Faculty Management produces a draft for decision by the Faculty Board
  • 22 August – Faculty Board makes a decision on the Elector Assembly. Decision is sent to Vice Chancellors office and published on Aurora.

Nominations are made via the online form mentioned below. Last date for nomination is 11 June 2018.

Use this online form (

Lena Åminne