Nominate members to the Faculty board

New members of the Faculty board are soon to be appointed as the current term of office run out on 30 June 2017. Final day for nominations: March 17th 2017.

The current term of office for the Faculty Board runs out on June 30th, 2017. The new term of office runs from July 1st, 2017- June 30th, 2021.

Employees and students can now nominate members for the Faculty Board:
Dean, Pro Dean, 5 scientifically competent teachers and 1 external member from the Västerbotten County Council (VLL).

  • The Dean and Pro Dean must be permanently employed as professors or senior lecturers (universitetslektor) at Umeå universitet.
  • The nominated members from the faculty (not VLL) must be scientifically competent teachers; ie senior lecturers, professors and other teachers who have completed their doctoral degree – and they must also be permanently employed at Umeå universitet.

Head of department, deputy head of department (ställföreträdande prefekt) and assistant head of department (biträdande prefekt) cannot be members of the Faculty Board.

Nomination now open

Please consider nominating as soon as possible since the Election Committee (valberedning) will start their work in January.

Final day for nominations: March 17th, 2017, at midnight.

Digital form for nominations

Election committee

Maria Fällman, Department of Molecular Biology, Chair
Christopher Fowler, Department of Pharmacology and Clinical Neuroscience
Martin Fahlström, Department of clinical sciences
Andrei Chabes, Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics
Bo Carlberg, Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine
Gunilla Olivecrona, Department of Medical Biosciences
Britt-Marie Lindgren, Department of nursing
Margareta Molin Thorén, Department of Odontology
Anton Persson, Umeå Medical Sciences Student Union

Contact persons

Maria Fällman, Chair of the Election Committee:
Cecilia Elofsson, Faculty Secretary: (questions re: formalitites)
Susanne Fahlgren, Head of the Dean's Office: (questions re: formalitites)

Lena Åminne