Information to faculty staff due to covid-19

Many issues arise in dealing with these corona times. On this page we collect information due to covid-19, mainly for teaching staff at the Faculty of Science and Technology.


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Much of what you as an employee need to know about changes in the university's functions as a result of the corona virus is gathered on this page:

Information for students, faculty and staff regarding covid-19


April 2: Teknat has its own templates for deviations from course syllabi

April 2: Extra training for teaching online

ABOUT facilities for education autumn 2020

Bookable facilities for education and public spaces on campus are adapted for the start of the semester to limit the spread of covid-19.

During August, the University Service will set up signs to keep distance and in conjunction with this they will also send out hand spirit, A4 signs and other material to departments and units.

• TimeEdit is updated with number of places to allow distance. A maximum of 50 people in a room and the opportunity for distance control the respective capacity of the premises. Book a room as soon as possible so we see the need for external facilities, if you don't find suitable facilities contact Infocenter.

• Eastern pavilions, ÖP, will be arranged for teaching and booking through TimeEdit (not yet finished).

• Department-rented facilites: ribbons and tape will be available from Husservice in your building from August. If you want help with setting it up, contact Infocenter.

• Increased cleaning will take place in classrooms and common areas.

• A4 printing signs can be downloaded via Aurora.

Contact information

Susanne Vikström, faculty programme director
090-786 94 71

Staffan Schedin, faculty programme director
090-786 74 87

Karolina Broman, chair, education committee
090-786 95 81

Sara Sjöstedt de Luna, deputy dean
090-786 54 06

Anna-Lena Lindskog, communications officer
090-786 58 78

Anna-Lena Lindskog