Data Management and Open Science – 7,5 hp

26 augusti 2022

Humanistiska fakulteten har gett Humlab i uppdrag att ta fram en doktorandkurs i datahantering som heter Data Management and Open Science. Den ges online – in English – på 50 % mellan 1 nov och 15 jan.

Writing data management plans, structuring research data, and creating infrastructures of open science – these are all tasks that are getting more and more common in academia, also within humanities and social sciences.

This development is partly due to new directions in research policies, for example as expressed in the recent research propositions from the Swedish government. Today, moreover, some funding bodies, such as the Swedish Research Council, Riksbankens jubileumsform and Formas, require that scholars write a data management plan along with the research application.

This course addresses this development and the increased need for data management skills in academia. The course is aimed especially at doctoral candidates in the humanities, but also at those in the social sciences and other interested parties who want to learn more about data management in research.

During the course, participants get the opportunity to learn and immerse themselves in various aspects that are important to know when, for example, writing a research application in general, and a data management plan in particular.

For example, aspects related to, among others, legislation, ethics, and data storage. The course will equip participants with practical knowledge of data management in order to work as researchers in academia today.

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Redaktör: Per Melander

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