Communications guide

By clear and good communication through our internal and external channels, we can reach further and provide relevant messages, which increases positive awareness of Umeå University. Communication can help strengthen Umeå University's remit and attract more students, employees, collaborative partners and funding bodies.

The communications guide provides general information about Umeå University's communications, but also hands-on guidelines, advice and procedures to create communication or make communication-related purchases.


Plan and follow up

Tools, methods and support to plan and follow up your communication.

Image and video

Support, advice and guidelines to communicate through images and video.

Social media

Recommendations when using social media accounts under Umeå University's name, and for University operations.


This is a first version of the communications guide. If you have questions or comments about the contents or structure, please send an email to This could be a small correction or a big idea. All comments are welcome.

Sofia Wiesler