Translation, proofreading and transcription

If you plan to purchase translation, proofreading or transcription, these subpages will help you make the order through the right framework agreement.

Choose which service you wish to purchase

Translation Swedish into English

Order translation from Swedish into English from Umeå University's framework agreement.

Translation English into Swedish

Order translation from English into Swedish from the national framework agreement.

English proofreading

Order English proofreading from Umeå University's framework agreement.

Transcription in Swedish or English

Order transcription in Swedish or English from the national framework agreement.

Other services

Translation to and from other languages

There is a national framework agreement in place for purchases of translations between other languages than Swedish and English. Read more on (the National Procurement Services). Each supplier's price list states what languages are offered.

Proofreading of Swedish text

Purchase proofreading or editing of Swedish text through a national framework agreement and not the University's framework agreement.

Learn how to order proofreading of Swedish text on (the National Procurement Services).


Anna Lawrence