Welcome to the third Icelab Lunch Pitch of 2020

14 February 2020

The Integrated Science Lab invites you to join the conversation, centered around sustanibility and computer language.


Where: KBC in Glasburen
When: February 18, 12pm

Who is pitching about what?

Pitch 1:
Will a shortage of critical metals hinder a transition to renewable energy technologies? Hanna Vikström, Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of History of Science and ideas

Pitch 2:
How can we make computers understand language? Frank Drewes, professor, Department of Computing Sciences

Pitch 3:
Will Machine Learning be able to solve the Soccer Game problem? The Soccer Game Metaphor, where two systems becomes one. Niclas Kaiser, Clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology.


Register by 10am Monday February 17 to reserve your free lunch (sandwich, drink, and little sweet snack):



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