Employment conditions

Labour laws form the basis of your terms of employment. Collective agreements, which are supplementary to this legislation, usually contain terms negotiated for you as an employee that are more advantageous than those provided by law.

As an employee of Umeå University, you are a public-sector employee, which entails special rights and responsibilities. You are covered by, among other things, the general agreements on pay and benefits for government employees (Villkorsavtal and Villkorsavtal-T). These agreements contain terms of employment, such as those relating to salaries and various kinds of allowances, secondary employment, working hours, holiday and other leave and notice period.

Employment is normally for an indefinite period. However, employment can sometimes be limited to a specified period of time, for instance a fixed-term contract. This applies, for example, to:

  • general fixed-term employment
  • deputising
  • seasonal work
  • workers aged 69 and over
  • probationary employment

Employment regulations and form of employment for teachers

Different rules apply for teachers with regard to fixed periods of employment. These rules can be found in Chapter 4, Section 9-12 of the Higher Education Ordinance. Special rules also apply for teaching assistants, assistants, doctoral students and clinical assistants; see Chapter 5, Sections 7 and 12 of the Higher Education Ordinance.

Appointments procedure for teachers at Umeå University valid from 18 February 2022

Birgitta Berglund