Employee satisfaction survey

The purpose of the employee satisfaction survey is for each department, office and unit to get an overview of how their employees feel about their work situation and to show strengths and weaknesses within the organisation.

The survey is web-based and will be distributed to all University employees by email.


The results from the employee satisfaction form the basis for the systematic improvements in work environment at the University.

The upcoming 2021 survey

The next employee satisfaction survey will be conducted this spring. The survey is provided by the employee research company Springlife.

The survey is web-based and will be distributed to all University employees by email. Responses will be completely anonymous.

The survey will be open for three weeks in march 2021 (weeks 9 to 11), starting on 2 March. There will be a Swedish and an English version of the questionnaire.

In april 2021 your manager will be presented with the result. Your manager is responsible for presenting your department or unit with the result.

Results from the 2018 survey

The latest employee satisfaction survey at Umeå University was conducted in 2018. The response rate of 83 per cent was a record high.

Based on the results, strengths and areas for improvement in regards to the work situation have been pinpointed. The areas for improvement have formed the basis for systematic work environment improvements and the operational planning. 

Strengths found in the 2018 survey

One strength was that many departmental and unit employees were proud to work at Umeå University.

Many also experienced a great work environment and good leadership.

A majority also believed their work to be interesting and rewarding, and the motivation level was high.

Areas for improvement in the 2018 survey

An important area for improvement was a workload that was just too high for some employees. Another area for improvement was  internal information and communication. There were gaps in the understanding of vision and subsidiary objectives, knowledge of procedures for crisis situations and participation in the work environment efforts.

Actions taken based on the 2018 survey

Departments, offices and units have been working with the actions necessary.

At the University level, measures have been taken to ease high workloads by giving addition training to department heads, managers and HR professionals.

In 2019 a project called IMULSA was initiated with the aim to provide in-depth analysis of the experience of high workloads among employees.

The Communications Office and The ICT services and System Development unit are collaboration on a project to improve internal information and communication.

Powerpoint presentations with results from the 2018 employee service (in Swedish)

Overall results

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Faculty of social sciences

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"How are you doing at work?"

Vice-Chancellor Hans Adolfsson have recently been presented with an analysis of the results of this year's employee satisfaction survey.

Contact information

Pernilla Jansson, HR strategist, Office for Human Resources, 090 -786 62 25

Lars Nordlander, HR director

Nils Eriksson, Faculty subjects coordinator at Faculty of Social Sciences

Elizabet Westerlund