Crises, threats and violence, and bereavement

Sometimes unwanted and unexpected events happen, however hard we work to achieve a good work environment. There may be a crisis situation, you or someone close to you may be exposed to threats or violence, or a colleague or other person you are close to may die.

If and when such a situation arises, there are procedures and action plans in place to help and support you as an employee.


A crisis is an unwanted event and situation that cannot be handled or resolved by using the procedures and experience we already have. Some types of unwanted events that can result in crises are violence, accidents, sabotage, misconduct and maladministration, as well as ethical and moral crimes.

The University has a special crisis organisation that provides support to departments, offices and equivalent if their resources are insufficient or if the crisis affects the University as a whole. Each department, office or equivalent must be prepared to cope with minor crises that may arise, such as death among their staff or students.

If you experience or hear of something that could be considered a crisis and you want to get in touch with the Crisis Management Team at the University, you can always call +46 90-786 97 00.

Do you want to know more about the crisis organisation, or to see examples of possible crisis situations? Learn more on the webpage Crisis management.

Threats and violence

Unfortunately, situations involving violence or threats can occur at our workplace. It is therefore important that we are all prepared and that we know how to react to and deal with a threatening situation in the best possible way.

If you, as an employee, find yourself or see someone else in a threatening or violent situation, you must inform your manager immediately! If there is immediate danger to life and health, you or a colleague who is nearby must immediately call 112.


If a crisis should arise through the death of a student or employee, support can be obtained through our occupational health care service, Feelgood. You can also find support and advice in our guide "Vägledning: Krishantering på institution,
enhet eller motsvarande" (In Swedish).

For major accidents or disasters that may involve death, the University's crisis organisation will also be involved. You can read more about this on the webpage Crisis management.

Occupational healthcare services

Hate crime, threat and violence

If you have been a victim of hate, threat or violence, you can get support.

Sara Rambe