Monitor glasses and safety glasses

Employees at the university should have a good visual ergonomic work environment. Because of this, the university offers employees the opportunity to get monitor glasses or safety glasses. Your department or unit pays for both your vision survey and glasses from the basic range.

Your work environment should be designed based on a holistic approach that considers ergonomics, lighting environment, technical equipment, safety and the organization of work. Your visual ergonomic work environment is an important part of this.

From 3 April 2023 Umeå University has a new contract for work glasses with Synsam AB.

Before ordering glasses

If you have problems that may be related to vision requirements at work, such as pain in the head/neck/shoulders, or need personal safety glasses - contact the occupational health care service before ordering.

If necessary, the occupational health care service will visit your workplace and makes an assessment about your need and examines other work environment factors that can contribute to good visual ergonomic work environment and a safe work environment.

How to order glasses for work

To book an eye examination and order monitor glasses/terminal glasses or safety glasses - visit Synsam's booking/ordering service online. Log in with your Umu-id in the upper right corner to read more about how to order.

An invoice is sent to your department

Your department or unit will be invoiced for the cost if you choose glasses from a basic range. If you want to order a more expensive frame and glass, you need to pay the difference yourself.

More information about monitor glasses and safety glasses can be found in the policy for visual aid (Swedish only). Information about procured suppliers can be found in the contract catalogue (E-avrop).

Frequently asked questions about glasses for work

I am temporary employed at the university, can I worder monitor glasses?

Yes, all employees at Umeå University who works at a monitor for at least 1 hour per day have the right to an eye examination, and if necessary monitor glasses. This applies to both permanent employees and employees with limited-term employment.

This benefit is regulated in the university's policy for visual aid (Swedish only). The rule, in turn, is based on, among other things, the Swedish Work Environment Agency's regulation Work with monitors (AFS 1998:5) (Swedsih only).

What do I do if Synsam is not available on my location?

If Synsam is not available in your area, you can choose Specsavers instead. When ordering glasses at Specsavers, do the following:

  1. Fill out the order form.
  2. Send the form to
  3. Specsavers will send out a confirmation within 5 working days. After that, it is fine to book an appointment for an vision survey in the store in question.
  4. When you go for your vision survey, bring the requisition/confirmation from Specsavers and show the physical or digital confirmation.

In case of special needs for special glasses, which Synsam or Specsavers cannot provide, you need a certificate from an ophthalmologist, and a have a dialogue with your manager before ordering.

Occupational health care

Occupational health care

Book an appointment through the occupational health care reception.

Telephone: +46 (0)10-810 92 10

Address: Östra Strandgatan 24, close to Umeå Arts Campus


Website: Feelgood Umeå

Cancel or change appointment

Remember to cancel or change your appointment 24 hours in advance! If you cancel or reschedule later than that, Umeå University will be charged for your appointment anyway.

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