Monitor glasses and goggles

If you feel that you need monitor glasses or goggles, contact the optician with whom the university has an agreement. Your manager must first sign a form. Your department or unit should bear the cost, as long as you choose glasses from a basic range.

Umeå University's employees should have a good visual ergonomic work environment. Your work environment should be designed based on a holistic approach that takes into account ergonomics, lighting environment, technical equipment, safety and the organization of work.

How to get monitor glasses

If you feel that you need monitor glasses, fill out the order form and your manager should sign the form. You then book an appointment at Specsavers, with which Umeå University has a current agreement.
If you have problems that may be related to vision requirements at work, such as head/neck/shoulder pain, or need personal goggles, please contact occupational health services before placing your order.
Occupational health services, if necessary, visit your workplace and make a visual ergonomic assessment, as well as investigate other work environment factors that can contribute to good visual ergonomy and a safe working environment. When you visit Specsavers, bring the order form with you.

Costs of glasses and examination

The cost of the vision survey and glasses will be billed directly to your institution or unit. If you want a more expensive bow and glass than those included in the basic range, you are responsible for the difference yourself.
For more information about monitor and goggles, see Display and goggles Rule, and information about procured suppliers can be found in the Agreement Catalogue .


Form for ordering monitor and goggles


Rule for monitor and goggles

Framework agreement for glasses in the Agreement Catalogue


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