Umeå University has a duty under law to provide preventive and corrective rehabilitation activities. If you suffer an illness or other impairment of your physical or mental ability to work, you should be given help to return to work through various forms of rehabilitation. The measures that may be considered relevant depend on your needs.

The university is obliged to examine which rehabilitation activities may be needed if

  • you have been on sick leave for more than four weeks
  • you have been sick on more than six occasions during the last 12 months.

In the first instance, your manager will contact you to discuss what your needs are. It is important that your line manager receives clear information as early as possible about how you can best be helped to return to work. If necessary, the university's occupational health care service and other stakeholders may be involved in the rehabilitation process.

You can read more about the university's rehabilitation work in The HR process for rehabilitation.

To find out more about how your sick leave may affect your salary, you can find further information under the heading "Sick leave".

You can also initiate a conversation yourself with your manager or contact the occupational health care service if you begin to experience ill health. You may already have questions about how you can best get support and help at an early stage to slow down any illness.

Laws and regulations

Swedish National Insurance Act (AFL) Chapter 3, Section 7 (preventive sickness benefit) and Chapter 22 (rehabilitation)

Swedish Act (1991:1047) on sickness payments (SjlL)

Swedish Working Environment Act (AML) Chapter 1, Section 1 (prevention) and Chapter 3, Sections § 2a and 3 (rehabilitation)

AFS 1004:01 Work adaptation and rehabilitation Swedish Employment Protection Act (1982:80) (LAS)

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