Courses in higher education pedagogy

Centre for Educational Development (UPL) offers you, as a teacher, a wide range of courses for professional development of varying lengths. The courses have been designed to challenge and develop the pedagogical skills that are essential for a university teacher.



The courses are organised according to an open model that offers teachers the possibility to choose courses based on experience, needs and interest.

All the courses contribute to your teaching qualification, as an example you produce material for your teaching portfolio. Furthermore, the courses are a qualification for permanent employment as a teacher at university level.

Registration for courses in the spring opens August 15 and closes October 15. Registration for courses in the autumn opens February 15 and closes April 15.

The courses have three levels with different prerequisites.

Introduction course

The introduction course is a preparatory course for the inexperienced teacher. No previous knowledge or teaching experience is required.

Basic course

The basic courses are designed to contribute to elementary qualification for an employment as a teacher. You need some experience of teaching and/or have completed the course 'New as a University Teacher'.

In-depth course

The in-depth courses targets you who have completed one or several basic courses (or the equivalent) and have teaching experience.

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Workshops and seminars

The workshops and seminars are designed to contribute to broaden or deepening skills within the field of teaching and learning in higher education. We also offer workshops aimed at the e-learning systems at the university.

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The seminars are offered within the frame of our networks, read more under the headline Higher education collegial networks.


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Consulting assignments

UPL regularly conducts tailor-made consultancy assignments for departments and units within Umeå university.

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Contact our Director, Lars Larsson, if you would like to know more about how we can support your department.

Marie Friman