Working hours for teachers

The working time agreement for teachers at Umeå University is signed between the Swedish Employers' Agency (Arbetsgivarverket) and Saco-S and applies throughout the state agreement area.

The agreement applies for the following positions:

  • Professor (professor)
  • Adjunct professor (adjungerad professor)
  • Visiting professor (gästprofessor)
  • Associate professor (universitetslektor)
  • Assistant professor (biträdande universitetslektor)
  • Adjunct associate professor (adjungerad universitetslektor)
  • Visiting associate professor (gästlektor)
  • Research fellow (forskare)
  • Assistant professor (forskarassistent)
  • Postdoctoral fellow (postdoktor)
  • Lecturer (universitetsadjunkt)
  • Adjunct lecturer (adjungerad universitetsadjunkt)

When applicable, the agreement also covers doctoral students.

Annual working hours

All the duties you perform as a teacher must be accommodated within your total annual working hours. The total annual working hours as a teacher are:

  • 1,700 hours for those with 35 days of holiday (age 40 and up).
  • 1,732 hours for those with 31 days of holiday (age 30-39).
  • 1,756 hours for those with 28 days of holiday (29-below).

If you do not use all your holiday days within the year, your total annual working hours will increase corresponding to the number of holiday days saved.

More information about vacation

Overtime and additional hours

The working hours for all tasks must be calculated within the annual working hours

If special needs arise which means that work tasks must be performed and the number of hours exceeds those for the annual working hours, the head of department has the right to request you to work overtime / overtime.

Overtime may not exceed 150 working hours. Compensation for is either through leave or financial reimbursement. In order for you to be able to receive compensation for overtime, it must have been requested or approved afterwards.

Financial reimbursement is paid with a simple overtime supplement or overtime supplement in accordance with the collective agreement. The reimbursement is paid within two months after completed annual working hours or after another reconciliation.

Financial compensation is paid according to the local agreement at a standard overtime rate or as compensation for additional hours depending on if you work full-time or part-time. The remuneration is paid within two months following completion of the annual working hours or following another review.

Birgitta Berglund