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If you are planning to stay in Sweden for some time we highly recommend that you learn Swedish. It is a great way to get integrated into Swedish society, both professionally and socially. Umeå University offers beginner courses in Swedish aimed to international staff members.

Upcoming project

In the autumn 2023, a development project will start regarding Swedish and English education for employees.

Read more about the project (Swedish only)

The Swedish for Academics courses are offered on two levels, Swedish for Academics 1 and 2. All levels are mainly based on the content and structure of the book Rivstart A1-A2, but with some adaptation to the academic context and the target group's needs.

The courses are taught by lecturers with training in Swedish as a second language and extensive experience in teaching Swedish for foreign students and staff. Teaching takes place at Umeå University's main campus. The course is held once a week between 4 - 6 PM and consists of a total of 28 hours of lessons during 14 weeks.

The course is organised by the Department of Language Studies in cooperation with theOffice for Human Resources. Department of Language Studies will issue certificates of attendance to participants who successfully complete the course.

Registration for courses starting spring 2024 is closed.

Due to the ongoing development project regarding Swedish and English education for employees, there will be some changes in the courses Swedish for Academics 1 and 2 from autumn 2024.

To enable for employees who are currently studying Swedish for Academics 1 to finish their studies, the course Swedish for Academics 2 will also be given in autumn 2024. Registration for this course will open in March.

More information on other language courses will be provided as soon as information is available.


More information about the courses

Swedish For Academics level 1

Course description

Swedish for Academics level 2

Course description

 How to apply

1. Get an approval from your manager

Your manager must confirm that you can take the course and accept to be invoiced the course fee. Ask your manager to send an confirmation email to linda.bergeli@umu.se

2. Register to the course

Fill in the registration form by using the links below. You can choose between level 1 and 2. The registration is binding.

Note! Both step 1 and 2 must be completed in order for you to be registered to the course. If your supervisor's confirmation or your own registration is missing, you will not be admitted to the course.

3. Await confirmation

When the registration time has expired we will go through all applications. If you are admitted to the course you will receive an email with more information.

Swedish for Academics level 2

Registration to Swedish for Academics, level 2 will open March 2024.

Other ways of learning Swedish

SFI - Swedish for immigrants by Komvux

To take out these courses you need to have a Swedish id-number. They do not cost anything and it might be possible to have a flexible schedule. Contact them for more information.
More information
SFI - Swedish Employment Public Services
Center for adult education

Folkuniversitetet - private courses

Swedish courses are run every semester and normally contains between 1-10 sessions in the evenings. Since these are private you need to pay a course fee.
Folkuniversitetet homepage
New in Sweden




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