Pedagogical Mentoring Program

Mentorship is based on an experienced professional helping someone else to become more skilled and more competent in their profession, in this case as a teacher within the academy

In the spring of 2024, UPL will start a new round of the pedagogical mentoring program for teachers at UMU. For this we are looking for interested teachers who want to act as mentors for a teacher from another part of the university. We especially appeal to anyone who is a qualified or excellent teacher, because we know that we then will receive reflective experienced teachers as mentors. As a mentor, you are expected to attend UPL's course for mentors in parallel with the mentorship.

The course will be held in Swedish but there might be opportunities for English speaking attendees to form mentor/mentee pairs, depending on who is applying.

any questions about your registration?

Please contact our administrator, Marie Friman.

Marie Friman