Health means more than just not being sick. Your health and sense of wellbeing can be affected by physical, mental, emotional and social factors.

Your experience of health is individual and is influenced by your entire life situation. Eating habits, exercise, relaxation and sleep are very important for how you feel.

As your life situation changes, so your health will also always be changing. For this reason, it is important to think about what you need in order to feel good and healthy and to be able to achieve your goals. Happy and healthy employees lead to a sustainable working life, so Umeå University wants to use a variety of methods to help encourage people to take good care of themselves.

You can also initiate a conversation yourself with your manager or contact the occupational health care service if you begin to experience ill health. You may already have questions about how you can best get support and help at an early stage to slow down any illness.

Elizabet Westerlund