Leave of absence

As an employee, you are entitled to leave of various kinds. How and when you can take leave depends on the type of leave involved and how your leave will affect operations. Most leave is applied for in PASS.

Your manager can grant you leave for various purposes. Some leave you are entitled to, other leave is granted by your manager if this leave is possible with regard to operations. In some cases, you will keep your salary while you are on leave, while in other cases you will receive a different type of remuneration. If you want to take leave so as to try other work, your leave will be unpaid.

Find out more about the rules relating to the various types of leave and absence under the various headings.

Applying for leave

You apply for leave in PASS. This is applicable to all leave, except for leave for trying other employment – you apply for this leave using form LA07. If you need help with your reports, consult your human resources administrator or equivalent in the department, or your payroll administrator at the payroll office.


The self-service system PASS is where you register leaves of absence, holidays, overtime/extra time, travel claims, etc. If you are an employee, you can also download your payslip from PASS.

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Contact payroll specialists

You can contact a payroll specialist when you have a question about salary payment-related matters.

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