Work environment when working from home

Work is primarily to be conducted at the workplace. But you may have the opportunity to sometimes work from home, in dialogue with your manager. Working from home can, however, involve certain challenges to your work environment. This page provides advice on how to improve your work environment at home.

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Regardless of if work is carried out at the workplace or at home, Umeå University as an employer still has the responsibility for the work environment of its staff and must ensure it is safe and does not contribute to ill health.

Working at home can be challenging as the physical, organisational and social environment is not adapted to function as a workplace. A common effect is worsened ergonomics and difficulties separating work and spare time.

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Work environment when working from home

Improve your physical workplace at home

  • Choose a place at home where you can work uninterrupted. If possible, avoid working in your bedroom as this could have negative effects on your sleep.
  • Do what you can to ensure that your home workspace is as similar to your regular workplace at the university as possible. More information on how to set up a good workplace can be found on the page Ergonomics.
  • If there is necessary equipment that you lack at home, please talk to your manager about what you can borrow from your workplace.
  • Try to alternate between different positions throughout the day – sitting, standing and walking.

Organise your work

  • Talk to your manager about what tasks are to be performed at the workplace and what tasks could be performed at home.
  • Decide together what meetings require physical presence at the workplace, what meetings can be held online, or if some meetings could be so-called hybrid meetings – meetings with simultaneous physical and online participants. More information on how to succeed with hybrid meetings can be found on Aurora.

Plan your work at home

  • Create a structure for your day. You can, for instance, plan your working hours, your tasks and break times in your Outlook calendar.
  • Take regular breaks. Plan both short and long breaks, and involve physical exercises or some form of movement. For instance, you can use Pausit or the web-based break programme Aktiv paus.
  • Physical activity is important. Take a daily walk and/or use your fitness hour.
  • Make sure you get time to recover by separating work from spare time. If possible – turn your notifications off so they do not disturb you when you are not working.

Stay in touch

  • It is important to stay in regular touch with your closest work colleagues, on a social level too.
  • Make sure you are in regular contact with your manager.

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