Salary payment

Your salary is paid on the 25th of each month, with exception for the dates in the table below. If the 25th is a Saturday, your salary will be paid the day before, on Friday; if it is a Sunday, it will be paid the day after, on Monday.

Salary payment days 2023

Payroll month

Processing date extra payments         

Payment date extra payments   
Salary processing date  

Payment date                         

Januari 2 jan 5 jan 18 jan 25 januari
Februari 1 feb 6 feb 17 feb 24 februari
Mars 1 mar 6 mar 17 mar 24 mars
April 31 mar 5 apr 18 apr 25 april
Maj 2 maj 5 maj 17 maj 25 maj
Juni 31 maj 5 jun 15 jun 22 juni
Juli 30 jun 5 jul 6 jul 25 juli
Augusti - - 18 aug 25 augusti
September 31 aug 5 sep 18 sep 25 september
Oktober 2 okt 5 okt 18 okt 25 oktober
November 1 nov 6 nov 17 nov 24 november
December 30 nov 5 dec 14 dec 22 december


You can download your payslip from the PASS self-service system. Contact your salary administrator if you have any questions.

Payment of salary supplements

Salary supplements (e.g. hourly rates, student remuneration, scholarships, overtime, leave of absence, tax adjustment, etcetera) should be requested either via PASS or on paper, so your salary administrator has all the necessary payroll information no later than the 10th of the month. This guarantees payment at the same time as that month's salary.

Payment of travel expenses and personal expenses

To be reimbursed as swiftly as possible for any costs you incurred in relation to your work, travel expenses and personal expenses are paid out on two occasions each month: either together with your regular salary, or sometime between the 3rd and 6th of the month, depending on the days of the week.

Frequently asked questions about salary payment

What do I do if I wish to increase my tax contribution?

In PASS, you can request an increase in the tax being deducted from your salary each month.

This could be beneficial if you have income from other sources beside your salary from Umeå University and are often served with outstanding tax in your income tax return.

How to increase your tax contribution:

  1. Log in to PASS.
  2. Go to the menu My page > Personal data and fill out the fields marked Voluntary tax.
  3. Specify the sum per month or a percentage of your salary and add from and until dates in the specified format.

Please note that such an increase in tax deduction is added to your preliminary tax following applicable tax rates.


The self-service system PASS is where you register leaves of absence, holidays, overtime/extra time, travel claims, etc. If you are an employee, you can also download your payslip from PASS.

Log in to PASS

Contact payroll specialists

You can contact a payroll specialist when you have a question about salary payment-related matters.

Who is my payroll specialist? (in Swedish)

Contact details of all payroll specialists

Birgitta Berglund